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"Home School" Box

"Home School" Box

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1 Pack of 12 Composition Notebook Time Capsules
1 Pack of 55 Kindness Cards
1 Pack of 24 Secret Decoder Notes
1 Pack of 150 Random Knowledge Brain Teasers

*See detailed descriptions of items below

Comes in our premium white gift box with ribbon!

Composition Notebook Time Capsules: Hold those precious memories close with this sweet set of 12 composition notecards and envelopes... one for each school year! Preparing it is easy. Interview your child each year... you come up with the questions! Who is their best friend? Favorite school memory? What does your child want to be when he/she grows up? Seal their answers in an envelope along with their school picture, and give them to your child as a gift on their 18th birthday!

Kindness Cards: Set of fifty-five cards with simple and easy ideas to spread kindness. Open the box and pick a card full of meaningful ideas... such as, "See how many times you can hold the door for someone", "Hug someone like you mean it" or "Thank as many people as you can today". Because giving doesn't have to be hard... simply grab a card for inspiration and go spread kindness!

Secret Decoder Notes: Hide a secret message that can ONLY be seen by looking through the decoder lens (included with card)! Our new Decoder Notes are SO much fun for all ages. Write lightly with a pencil or blue pen, then peek through the red decoder lens to reveal your hidden message! Instructions and glasses are enclosed.These tiny notes are the perfect size to slip into a lunch bag or pocket of someone special.

Random Knowledge Brain Teasers: What do you know about this amazing world we live in? Challenge your knowledge with these 150 questions that will stretch your imagination and expand your understanding about this planet and universe we call home.